Recent Projects

Spook City // Spook City

Spook City

Adam Page :: tenor saxophone
Ed Zuccollo :: mini moog synthesiser and fender rhodes
Angus Mason :: drums (left channel)
Hugh Harvey :: drums (right channel)

Engineered and mixed by James, mastered by Jarrad.

Craig Lauritsen // Monachopsis


Craig has been one of the finest drummers on the Adelaide scene for quite a few years and we are very pleased to present to you the first album under his own name! Produced by Adam and engineered/mixed by James, featuring Flik Freeman on bass, Jon Hunt on bass clarinet (and other, lesser horns) and also James and Adam on guitar/various. Plus ERMZ raps on a track! This is some seriously good music. Check out the streaming demo tracks above and be amazed. (Incidentally, Craig is also one of the finest cymbal-smiths in the world, so there’s that too.)

Mat Pederzolli // The Future Past EP

Mat Pederzolli

Mat Pederzolli’s first record! A handful of great songs about girls, life and space travel. It’s only $8.45 from itunes so treat yourself today. Jarrad – drumming/engineering/mixing, Jackson Wright – bass.

Appomattox Run // Appomattox Run

Appomattox Run

Great southern North-American rock and roll. Ryan Underhill is flanked by Simon Ridley on guitar (Satan’s Cheerleaders, Cucumber Riot) and Ryan Simm on drums (Läther, Those Magnificent Screaming Bastards) and featuring Häna Brenecki on vocals and tambourine (Hana & Jessie-Lee, Ricochet Pete), plus a couple of Muscle Shoals-inspired sax solos by Jamie Capatch. Recorded by Jarrad at his old place and mixed at Wizard Tone.

Glass Indian // Singing With Men

Glass Indian

Recorded a little while ago at Jarrad’s old studio but meticulously mixed at WT. Do have a listen if you have a taste for alternative rock music, equal parts weirdness and big fat riffs.

Sam Barlow

Sam Barlow

Sam Barlow stopped by to record a few tracks before heading on tour around Australia earlier this year. With Nathan Wright on double bass and Jarrad on percussion.

zephyrROM // VoiceQuartet


Drums/samples/misc duo voiceROM and the Zephyr String Quartet made an album! Everything was tracked live together over a couple of days and the result is pretty great.

voiceROM // Larrybird


No concepts, no themes, no guests. Just Dylan and Jarrad rocking out for six tracks.

voiceROM // Edison Record

Edison Record

Another pay-what-you-wish voiceROM EP. This one has 15 tracks and all the samples are taken from early 20th century Edison Cylinders, taken from the UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive:

Highlights include our tribute to Chris Dave, entitled Christopher David, and the two tracks with Jamie Capatch (Satan’s Cheerleaders, Southern Empire) guesting on tenor sax.

Adam Page and Ben Todd // EP

Adam Page and Ben Todd EP

Music by superstar drummer Ben Todd and Wizard Tone’s very own multi-instrumentalist genius Adam Page. Engineered and mixed by Wizard Tone’s very own James Brown and mastered by Wizard Tone’s very own Jarrad Payne. This music will figuratively knock your socks off. Many of the photographs in our gallery were taken at this recording session.

Zephyr Quartet // Resonance

Zephyr Quartet - Resonance

Beautiful string quartet arrangements of traditional Macedonian, Hebrew, Mexican and Finnish music. Engineered and mixed by Jarrad.

 1.1 Immermann // “Plovers”

1.1 Immermann - "Plovers"

Two guitars, bass and drums, live in the main tracking-room at Wizard Tone. Re-workings of some of Jarrad’s favourite tunes, including compositions by Tobacco, 13 & God and Deerhunter. This is a free download.

voiceROM // Boardroom

voiceROM - Boardroom

This is voiceROM’s 21st EP (all of which are available for free at the link above), but their first which uses no samples from old vinyl. Instead, this album features many of the strange and exotic keyboard-instruments found in Wizard Tone’s Boardroom, played by Dylan Marshall who is not a keyboard player in any usual sense of the word.

voiceROM // Voicecake Orchestrom

Voicecake Orchestrom

Commissioned by COMA for their 2015 Fringe series, this is local small band voiceROM playing strange versions of compositions by local big band Crump Cake Orchestra. CCO are recording an album of VR compositions at WT later this year, but that takes a lot longer to organise as they have approx. seven times the amount of band members.

Wheatsheaf Ukulele Collective

Recorded in various places but mixed in the very early days of Wizard Tone.

Samuel Zerna // Marginal FM

Sam Zerna - Marginal FM

Recorded by Hugh Stuckey at the Aviary, Melbourne. Lovingly edited, mixed and mastered by Jarrad here at Wizard Tone. Listen to the whole thing for free or purchase your own copy for only $7! here:

Kitchen With // Trouble EP

Kitchen Witch - Trouble

FFOBR*! I like it when I learn a new genre/acronym during a project. The lyrics in the track ‘Just One Day’ reference Tony Abbott, and we did discuss recording several different versions with different potential prime ministers as it was around the time of the first Libspill. Don’t we look silly now.

*Female Fronted Occult Blues Rock