Recording ($50/hour)

Rates for recording start at $50/hour (yeah, cheap!), which includes full use of the studio plus one engineer. Minimum charge is 4 hours. A 4-hour day would therefore cost $200, an 8-hour day $400, and so on. Artists may choose to hire an assistant engineer for an additional fee ($25/hour). Outside engineers are most welcome, but please let us know if you wish to do this so we can make sure whoever you are bringing in is a total bad-ass. The studio will still need to be staffed by one of our engineers, who can work as an assistant to your engineer if required.

Mixing ($25/hour)

Rates tend to vary from project to project. For example, a project tracked live with minimal edits/comping will cost much less than something that is multi-tracked with 50 overdubs and lots of editing! It all depends on the time taken, amount of time the artist wishes to spend in the studio and number of mix revisions. Keep in mind that we do like to be generous and more often than not do some work “in-kind” (especially if you are nice to us!), so please feel free to discuss how you want to approach mixing your project with your chosen engineer prior to the session. jb@wizardtonestudios.com or ja@wizardtonestudios.com

Mastering ($30/track)

Email ja@wizardtonestudios.com for more info.

Education/Workshops ($75/hour)

We charge the same basic recording rate for group workshops, but usually these require two engineers, depending on the size of the group and content of the workshop. The cost for this is $75/hour. One-on-one mixing tutorials start at $60/hour.